Enterprises are keenly focused on securing their people, property and data. They allocate budgets to adequately safeguard their premises, and invest in access control and video surveillance technologies to help them do so. And while these are critically important measures to implement, there’s another, very simple and cost-free way to increase their situational awareness of security risks developing outside of their facilities. And that is Social Media in general, and Twitter, in particular.

Breaking news spreads immediately and like wildfire on Twitter. Its real-time search engine delivers information continuously. You can choose the types of information you’d like to monitor and stay apprised of. Users can select keywords that are of significance to their enterprises, and choosing keywords relative to security concerns and cyber breaches can put you in the know instantly.

Deciding what news feeds you need to monitor is the easy part, but who has time in their daily work routine to monitor those feeds? That challenge is easily solved with our Aegis software solution.

Ideally suited to installations ranging from the very simple to the very complex, Aegis software provides one simple common user interface for multiple security and information subsystems operations. The various components of a security system, ranging, for instance, from video surveillance, access control, CAD and intercoms, even if they’re made by different manufacturers, can be integrated to provide a seamless, user-friendly control point for operators.

Did you know, Aegis can monitor the Twitter feed and display hashtag trends to improve situational awareness for you and your organization ?

While most people think of Social Media platforms such as Twitter to be ‘social’ in nature, and they are, keep in mind that Twitter is the best social media platform for real-time search. This capability allows you to stay in the know on what’s happening in the world that is directly important to you that may impact your business.

The importance of situational awareness as it pertains to security cannot be underestimated. In a report issued by the FBI, they underscore just how important it is. “Safety, security, and violence in the workplace challenge today’s society. Many persons in public and private organizations are keenly aware of their vulnerabilities and have focused increasing interest and attention on confronting them.” The report goes on to say that situational awareness helps people recognize and react so risk factors become minimized.

In addition to all the other security benefits that KapLogic’s Aegis software solution provides, it can also be leveraged to monitor Twitter feeds, giving users up-to-the-minute information and situational awareness.

Call on us today to learn how Aegis can enhance your organization’s safety and security, and take the burden off of monitoring operators.