Airport operators recognize how vitally important it is to provide safe and secure environments for travelers, and continuously look for new and innovative ways to enhance their security. One strategy that’s taking on a lot of traction is the implementation of one-way traffic exit lanes. Although their initial function was to streamline the steady flow of passengers, exit lanes are now also being used at airports for security reasons.

Separating departing passengers and arriving passengers exit lanes facilitates a smooth and convenient transition through the airport. This segregation reduces overcrowding and helps airport staff and security teams to instead concentrate on critically important security issues and procedures and mitigate the risk of unauthorized individuals accessing restricted areas.

Exit lanes are proving to be a valuable add-on to airports’ existing access control solutions because passengers need to go through the security checkpoints at these lanes, as well. They integrate seamlessly with access control systems, enabling reliable management and monitoring of passenger movements and serve as another controlled access point. By connecting exit lanes to access control databases, airports can immediately verify if boarding passes are valid and cross-reference passenger information. This added layer of security ensures that only those people who’ve undergone and passed proper security screening and possess valid boarding passes can enter designated areas while also limiting and controlling access to sensitive areas within the airport.

And because exit lanes are equipped with advanced video surveillance technologies, including cameras and intelligent video analytics systems, security teams can monitor activity there, in real time, immediately spot anything suspicious and respond quickly to any potential security threat.

Airport security teams are turning increasingly more to our AEGIS software solution as it provides one simple common user interface to seamlessly integrate all the various components of a comprehensive security system. KapLogic is a trusted resource for cost-saving security solutions, and our centralized AEGIS cloud management solution gives end users sorely needed services that save them time and money as well as the peace of mind of that all their security concerns are being handled effectively, efficiently, and affordably.

AEGIS is proving to be the solution that can help airports enhance security by integrating data and information from various security systems, such as access control, video surveillance, and perimeter intrusion detection systems, enabling rapid and effective responses to security incidents. By providing a comprehensive view of their entire security environment, AEGIS assists monitoring operators and security personnel in getting a full picture of any security situation, allowing them to act quickly, and make better informed decisions about how to properly respond to incidents.

Exit lanes are not only benefiting operational efficiency at airports – they’re also facilitating a safer, more secure experience for travelers as well as for airport staff. As airport operators continue to evolve and prioritize security, demand for exit lanes will undoubtedly grow and earn their place as an indispensable part of modern airport infrastructure. Our AEGIS solution, as many airports have already experienced, is helping markedly in helping them better secure their facilities and better ensure a safer experience for their passengers. Call on KapLogic today to learn more.