A comprehensive security solution often spans several very important, although disparate systems, including video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, data protection, and more.

Unifying those distinctly separate systems and sensors into one seamless management platform is precisely what our AEGIS software solution does. It’s why Aegis has come to be known as THE advanced graphical command and control integration software for the security industry.

Ideally suited to installations ranging from the very simple to the very complex, Aegis software provides one simple common user interface for multiple security and information subsystems operations. The various components of a security system, ranging, for instance, from video surveillance, access control, intrusion and intercoms, even if they’re made by different manufacturers, can be integrated to provide a seamless, user-friendly control point for operators.

In fact, Aegis has infinite integration capabilities and is perfect for any location where a monitoring station is manned by operators. Super easy to use, training is a snap and can be done in under two hours.

And there’s more good news – Aegis is fully scalable. It enables users to add new capabilities to their existing, already paid for, security system. This translates into serious cost savings because legacy systems can be integrated with newer systems spanning different brands without the need to replace hardware that’s already been installed. This can seriously cut down on installation costs because equipment does not have to be hardwired to each other!

Aegis is versatile – some clients need it to serve only as the front end of their single system while others with multiple facilities that have security systems comprising equipment from multiple manufacturers rely on it to monitor and safely manage incidents at their multiple facilities. Aegis, with just one single common interface, delivers automated event capabilities, is easy to use and allows security staff to more adeptly monitor, stay in control of, and quickly respond to security and surveillance issues.

And, did you know that we at KapLogic have announced the latest version of Aegis? This Aegis 3.2, our newest generation of our flagship software, includes data mediation, which brings with it unprecedented levels of logging and reporting capabilities, all of which are stored in a separate database. This allows for much faster reporting and data analysis that in no way impacts security monitoring. All user actions, configuration changes, device state changes, and errors are automatically sent to data mediation for enhanced protection.

Aegis 3.2 allows for trusted video management across all video systems that integrate with Aegis.

We at KapLogic are so pleased and proud to bring to the industry a trusted and proven software solution that seamlessly unifies disparate security systems into one management platform that maximizes security effectively and efficiently.

AEGIS – we are the backbone that supports all your security needs!