The healthcare industry shines as a beacon of hope and care for people all over the world. Healthcare facilities are counted on to provide patients with needed medical treatment, support, and 24/7 care during their times of need.

Because of this, of all the locations security dealers and systems integrators secure, hospitals rank among the most challenging. From overcrowded emergency rooms to intensive care units, maternity wards, infant nurseries, and pharmaceutical storage rooms, hospitals house multiple departments and serve a vast range of patients in a single building. Ensuring the well-being and safety of everyone under their roof is a humbling task for healthcare facilities, and one that extends well beyond the realm of medical excellence. Running on all eight cylinders around the clock, hospitals are vulnerable to a whole laundry list of security risks,

From unauthorized access and theft to threats such as violence and terrorism, healthcare organizations must remain vigilant in safeguarding their environments. An integrated, intelligent security system in a healthcare environment is much more than an asset – it’s a necessity.

Many layers of security solutions are needed to adequately safeguard a hospital environment. These range from exterior perimeter protection on the outdoor property and in parking lots and garage; license plate recognition (LPR) technology to identify and/or restrict vehicles entering parking areas; access control solutions to manage who is coming and going into the hospital and into restricted areas of the hospital, and video surveillance systems to monitor activity across the entire facility.

Unifying those distinctly separate systems and sensors into one seamless management platform is precisely what our AEGIS software solution does. It is why Aegis has come to be known as THE advanced graphical command and control integration software for the security industry. And, as KapLogic’s flagship product, AEGIS is answering the call button at healthcare facilities. This software solution is enabling hospitals to continue delivering healthcare excellence while also providing patients with a safe and secure environment.

AEGIS integration software allows all security systems to work together harmoniously. Access control systems can seamlessly interface with video surveillance to monitor and track every entry and exit and trigger an alert with a single click for an emergency response. AEGIS is proving to be a groundbreaking solution for healthcare organizations as it goes beyond traditional security systems by seamlessly integrating data and information from various sources to empower healthcare facilities to respond rapidly and effectively to security incidents and elevate patient safety.

The need to implement comprehensive security solutions in healthcare environments has never been more pressing. These facilities are tasked with providing world-class medical care as well as a safe and secure environment for all stakeholders. With KapLogic’s AEGIS solution, healthcare facilities are empowered to navigate the evolving security landscape and continue to deliver quality patient care. In Part 2 of this series, we will dive into how AEGIS integrates security systems to enhance patient safety even further.